Board books and picture books, chapter books and reference books, biographies, myths, folktales, poetry, and more — we carry a beautiful collection of children’s literature for age zero through young adult. We have a section for parents, too, as well as rare, out-of-print, and vintage finds. And, also, the perfect pencils, notebooks, art supplies, and other tools most necessary for all budding storytellers.

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Author Events

Coming up in the Storytelling Lab; we're so excited to welcome these authors and artists!

Staff Favorites

Here are some of the books we're most excited about right now.

The Haters by Jesse Andrews

Section: Young Adult

Like High Fidelity for millennials. When no other book sounds good, look no further! A journey filled with humor is the perfect read.

Chosen by Mackenzie

Little Labors by Rivka Galchen

Section: Grown-ups

This genre-bending memoir on the first year of motherhood is the smartest, joyful-est book on the subject I’ve ever read. The perfect gift for any new mom–and anyone who likes really smart books.

Chosen by Maggie

Amelia's Notebook (series) by Marissa Moss

Section: Early Reader

This smart original series is perfect for anyone who’s ever had to move and start over and anyone interested in how to start recording their life in works and pictures. Inspired me a lot as a young artist!

Chosen by Olivia

Warren the 13th by Tania del Rio, illustrated by Will Staehle

Section: Middle Grades, Graphic

A tremendously fun read for the independent reader, mystery lover or puzzler-solver.

Chosen by Penny

Greenglass House by Kate Milford

Section: Middle Grades

A smugglers’ inn, unexpected guests, disappearing luggage, and many mysteries to uncover. A perfect summer read for a confident young reader, but also a wonderful family read-aloud for kids 5 and up.

Chosen by Matt and Felix

The Dog that Nino Didn’t Have by Edward van de Vendel

Section: Picture Books

The gorgeous art in this book is matched with a simple, touching story about the imagination, loneliness, and growing up. The illustrations should not be missed!

Chosen by Mike

Perfect Stories Book Club

Coming soon, for the Stories community beyond our Brooklyn shop, we are launching Perfect Stories, our book-of-the-month club: Choose the right age-range for your young reader, and once a month a handpicked Stories gem will arrive in your mailbox, bedecked with a custom Stories bookplate, and paired with our signature Story Starter games and prompts.

And/or, because kids shouldn’t have all the fun, select our Parenting Stories Book Club. Same principle, only the book that arrives will be for adults, and each one will explore the life altering terrain of parenthood in new and surprising ways!

A beautiful gift that spans the year.

Sign up here and we’ll let you know as soon as we launch!